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  • Finding resourceful ways to stretch a small event budget

    Working with a frugal budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style and class As economies ebb and flow, budgets for events will shrink and grow as a reflection of the times. A small budget should not be the reason why an event fails — success depends on ingenuity, resourcefulness and a little flair. The first step is to know what you have to work with. Make sure you have a budget prepared and approved by the appropriate board of…

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  • Four ways event planners can get ready for the spring conference season

    If you’re like many meeting planners that work in conference and professional development event management, your peak season is the spring. During this time you’ll see many multi-day conferences, award shows, annual general meetings, etc. While the timing of these events are convenient for attendees since they occur outside of other peak seasons such as summer holidays and year-end, this also means that as a planner, you can expect things to pick up well in advance. Part of the nature…

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  • Great events start with great engagement – even on a volunteer committee

    The typical experience of a volunteer committee unfolds as predictably as if scripted. A table is filled with enthusiastic committee members. A gung-ho committee chair. Possibly cupcakes. Then just as predictably, members drop off one by one. Other priorities, apathy and life take over. With event day looming, the few remaining end up with lion’s share of work. Sadly, a once enthusiastic crew can succumb to dysfunction and under-performance. Thankfully, there are volunteer committees that are getting it right. They…

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  • Volunteer engagement: Eight tips for creating a good time onsite

    Working in the not-for-profit management world, we simply could not operate within the organizations we work with without volunteers. Giving your volunteers a great onsite experience by keeping them engaged and happy at your events is one way to recognize and acknowledge their time commitment, contributions and support to volunteer-run organizations – because after all, they are critical to the success of your event. Before we run through this list, ask yourself, who are your volunteers? What do they expect…

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