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  • Five areas corporate planners may want to consider outsourcing for their next event

    By Niesa Silzer If you are responsible for planning and executing your organization’s events, then you know first-hand how much work, time and money goes into managing a successful event. Without a doubt, you’ve needed more resources – staff, time, information – but in today’s economy many organizations are unable to allocate additional personnel to their budgets. While resources may be limited, internal planners must continue to meet the need for creative and memorable event experiences, and deliver a return…

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  • Venue contracts: A meeting planners’ call to action

    I couldn’t believe my eyes! There, in an email, was the statement that put into words a sentiment that I’ve heard over and over again from meeting planners: “The way I have been brought up in this industry has always been to just reduce the rental and food and beverage minimums, add your concessions, sign and send.” This quote was written by an experienced meeting planner employed by a reputable Canadian organization – in response to an email dialogue we…

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