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  • Helping stakeholders see the big picture of meetings value

    Amid today’s challenging climate of economic uncertainty, more and more discussion about meetings and events is taking place in the corporate boardroom, where senior management teams are assessing the value those meetings bring to their business. For a professional meeting planner, knowing how to prove the value of tangible and intangible returns on a stakeholder’s investment is an enviable skill. Establishing the inherent value of meetings and how they tie in to corporate objectives is a critical component of the planning process, giving you the power to leverage that information with senior management and helping to justify their meetings investment.

    Meeting Community, The Business of Meetings

  • Conference explores new value measures for meetings industry

    This event brought together not only senior representatives of the industry but a range of academics, government policy experts, media, medical and other professional organizations and those familiar with the economics of business in order to take a multi-dimensional view of the situation and to make recommendations as to how the industry could better measure, document and present its value proposition.

    Meeting Community, The Business of Meetings

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