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  • Building event value by creating trust

    When I began writing Intentional Event Design: Our Professional Opportunity, it was to delve into and provide information on designing events that are people-centric and purpose-driven. The more I wrote, the more I realized it came down to one thing: using meetings to build trust – in the organization, between teams, and between solution providers and their potential clients. To create environments that allow the time and space for conversations is part art and part (neuro) science, and deeply understanding…

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  • How to act with urgency to build trust with your clients

    Very early in my career as a planner, my boss had shared with me some harsh feedback from a client. The client had remarked that I did not appear to have a sense of urgency. I was surprised by this. I asked, “Did the events not go off well? Did I not deliver on deadline?” My boss confirmed that yes, I did all those things – but it was the pace in which I walked when we were on site…

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