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  • Building the right team can make – or break – your event

    You’ve gone through the request for proposal process, won it (congratulations), and inherited the conference management team. It’s probably made up of the conference chair and organizing committee from the organization – or organizations — that hired you. You’re stuck with this team for better or worse, but the event day team is yours to build from the ground up. You get to recruit and train the event novices and conference pros that will make the big day a success…

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  • Creating happier employees starts with chocolate

    By Sandra Abballe Many companies have been putting a strong focus on the well-being of their employees. They understand that creating a fun environment in the workplace can lead to employees who are happier and more satisfied in their role. It can also lead to greater workplace morale and decrease in staff turnover and absenteeism. However can happier employees lead to a better bottom line? Research presented by the University of Warwick in Britain in April 2014 confirms that employees…

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  • The art of teambuilding

    When it comes to teambuilding, each person often has their own interpretation of what they envision teambuilding to be. One of the most important steps in determining which teambuilding program or activity is ideal for your group is to determine what the desired outcome is you are striving to achieve. For example, is the goal of the teambuilding program or activity to simply provide some entertainment or an experience for a group of people whom already know each other or…

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  • Taking a look at corporate teambuilding on sailboats

    By Gregory Marlo When learning to sail, one becomes distinctly aware very early in the game that the coordination of steering and adjustment of the sails while harnessing the wind’s energy is what makes it all happen. Understanding the principles of sailing a boat is not difficult and can be fun to learn in a corporate teambuilding environment. In the training exercise, using well equipped late model sailboats with a single mast and two sails and working with groups of…

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  • Creative teambuilding: How experiential learning enhances team diversity

    Can teambuilding events really deliver ongoing sustainable benefits? According to a healthcare client who recently engaged in a full-day True Colours Workshop with Conundrum Adventures, teambuilding events are valuable because they create an environment that allows participants to actually experience the desired learning. This experiential learning model is more effective than other traditional methods in that participants get to see their (and their co-workers’) behaviour in action. “Working in a busy, inter-disciplinary healthcare organization can be challenging,” says Shantelle Veld,…

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