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  • Overcome Sponsorship Challenges By Defining Value

    By Liz Gobin and Anthony Vade, FMAV Gaining and retaining relationships with sponsors continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing event and meeting professionals. Over the last ten years, the industry has been subject to legislative and cultural changes that have resulted in a seismic shift in relationship dynamics. Moreover, sponsors are demanding more from their investments and trading traditional sponsorship for personalized, outcome-driven customization. This leaves planners working harder than ever to secure and retain event sponsorship.…

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  • What do you know about sponsorship?

    Reinventing sponsorships using creativity and customization When it comes to sponsorship, the competition is real – and tough. In order to survive it, we need to rethink what potential sponsors are looking for. Thirty years ago, it was a logo on a poster and a program, and a thank you after the event. But that’s no longer the case. Today corporations don’t care about logo exposure on your materials and websites. It has become such a given – logo placement,…

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  • Using the billboard principle for more effective onsite exhibits

    At a recent networking event, I wandered past maybe a half dozen exhibit tables. (Emphasis on “wandered past.”) There were nice table covers with the companies’ names. Pens, notepads and marketing brochures were neatly arranged on the tops. The settings were not distasteful, but not effective either. Why? Sponsors and exhibitors at this event were companies that provide high level consulting for manufacturing, international marketing and production, finance and risk management. Companies like these are really challenged when it comes…

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