What do you know about sponsorship?

Reinventing sponsorships using creativity and customization When it comes to sponsorship, the competition is real – and tough. In order to survive it, we need to rethink what potential sponsors are looking for. Thirty years ago, it was a logo … Continue reading

Using the billboard principle for more effective onsite exhibits

At a recent networking event, I wandered past maybe a half dozen exhibit tables. (Emphasis on “wandered past.”) There were nice table covers with the companies’ names. Pens, notepads and marketing brochures were neatly arranged on the tops. The settings … Continue reading

Survival of the fittest – what’s the future of event planning for associations?

Have you noticed numbers declining at associations’ annual conferences and tradeshows? If you are a professional member of an association, do you know why more of you aren’t coming out? Are you unsatisfied with the education and networking? Continue reading

How to save money and the planet with multi-sponsor promotions

Have you ever gone to an event and received no less than four tote bags? Or maybe three mugs? I have. It can happen when multiple event sponsors’ donated promotions are not coordinated and each sponsor brings whatever they want. This is such a waste of resources, both financial and environmental. And it definitely isn’t something that attendees want. Continue reading