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  • Is doing more with less in events possible?

    When one does a Google search of the text “doing more with less” it comes up with 55,400,000 results, and when one further refines it to “doing more with less in events” it shows 28,200,000 results! Staggering! With my Google findings in mind, combined with my own experiences with limited event budgets, I’m writing today to offer some creative and logical ways to keep your event’s expenses down, thereby “doing more with less.” It is my opinion – well-seasoned after…

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  • Meetings need trust, timing and yes, surprise

    Do your meetings and events leave your participants wanting more? This year, I have attended more than a dozen conferences designed for meeting and event professionals. Most recently, over a period of 12 days I attended four industry conferences. This is more than the average, as most people will attend three to six conferences at the most per year, and each time we plan a meeting we are hopeful to have the “right” audience – in both size and mix…

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  • Speaker preparation for event organizers: Three ways to ensure an effective message

    Nothing happens until someone says something There is a longstanding rule in business, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” In creating special events, there should be a similar rule, “Nothing happens until someone says something.” There is a lot of work that goes into creating a successful event from stage design, to guest lists, to menus, to audio-video setups. Yet at the heart of any event is the need to say something that is relevant to the audience, important to…

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  • The modern art of hiring a speaker

    By Bob Parker The human element of meetings has not changed since early homo sapiens first mind-mapped his ideas on cave walls for the lack of a flip chart or Powerpoint: to connect people and share ideas. That first ever talk on the cave-circuit was likely titled: Hunt This – The Key to Effective Survival. The cave meeting planner ensured that the lighting and venue were adequate to communicate the message. For all we know, fire was invented by a…

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  • The creativity factor

    The competitive advantage of a creative mindset in the corporate meetings and events industry In an era of shrinking budgets, dwindling timelines and an ever-expanding list of client and stakeholder demands, today’s corporate meeting and event planner is more stressed than ever before. To better cope with that stress, many planners strive to acquire the skills they need to stay at the top of their game and a step ahead of the competition. Despite a growing curriculum of post-graduate programs…


  • Top meeting mistakes: Five items you may be forgetting

    Frantic as CMPs and corporate meeting specialists often find themselves planning engaging programs and plotting event logistics, it’s all too easy to overlook simple value-adds that can radically enhance any gathering’s impact. But if properly leveraged, these cost-affordable and easily-implemented initiatives can help maximize attendance, boost audience learning and takeaway, and dramatically improve return on investment. Following are several ways to get more from your conferences and executive summits, none of which require huge added expenditures, yet all of which…

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  • Eight great examples to enhance your meetings with virtual technologies

    The explosion of virtual meetings and events is just ramping up and is expected to triple in the next five years. Through the convergence of technology, bandwidth and mobile devices, marketing managers, sales managers and meeting professionals will see not only more “virtual only meetings” but also a wide range of “hybrid meetings,” defined as a combination of face-to-face (f2f) and virtual attendees and components. These “live-plus” virtual events will dramatically change the face of the conference meeting, event and tradeshow industries. Get ready for a wild ride!

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  • Eight tips and tricks from three experienced corporate meeting planners

    All corporate meeting planners are constantly drowning in details, trying to get things together for the next meeting and worrying about the meeting after that one! Working “smarter” and not “harder” on their meetings, conferences, events and tradeshows is paramount to doing a great job. We gathered some of AMI’s Certified Meeting Planners together and asked them for some quick tips. Here is what they had to say.

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  • Ten critical tips for incorporating IT into your next meeting or event

    The main purpose of an event or a meeting is to have “face-to-face” engagement with the attendees. The meeting and event industry is in a transition period where event planners can increase attendee retention and maximize on extended audiences all around the world through electronic means. Anyone planning an event must be sure to let IT enhance the program, not swallow it! Events are based on “face-to-face” time with clients, peers and colleagues.

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