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  • Québec City Q&A: A planner’s take on Québec’s capital destination

    Québec City is a go-to destination for event planners from Canada and internationally, offering a uniquely Canadian setting that not only draws meeting planners and their conference delegates, but keeps them coming back for personal vacations. Heather Dow, Senior Manager for Events & Management Plus Inc., (EM+) is among the many planners who have experienced the allure of Québec City first-hand. She has brought her events to the capital city more than a dozen times over the last decade and…

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  • A City for All Seasons: Year-round reasons to bring an event to Québec City

    Some destinations are known for their exciting summer events, others for their outdoor winter activities and still others for their colourful spring or fall attractions. Rarer than these, however, are destinations that deliver alluring experiences all year round — and it’s these that rank high among meeting and event planners. For many, the search for an “all season” destination has led to Québec City, where annual festivals, cultural events, outdoor activities and culinary celebrations combine to offer compelling reasons to…

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  • Incentivized Events: The perks of planning an event in Québec City

    There are perks to selecting the right event destination — both for those who attend and those who set the agenda. And for planners who choose Québec City, those perks can add up. The aim of any meeting or event is to leave delegates with lasting memories. Herein, Québec City is home to a host unique activities that will incentivize attendance. Planning an afternoon at the École de cirque de Québec, for example, can give attendees a taste for the “centre ring”…

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  • Québec City Ranks 3rd Among Canadian Sports Destinations

    Québec City has scored high on a Canada-wide list of sporting destinations. This March, the Canadian Sports Tourism Alliance (CSTA) launched its inaugural Global Sports Impact (GSI) Canada Index, listing the capital city as the third-most active and popular destination for national and international sporting activities. “This recognition is amazing for Québec City,” says Pierre-Michel Bouchard, CEO of Québec City Business Destination. “It confirms our expertise and know-how to organize and hold sports events.” Québec City is certainly no stranger to hosting…

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