How to keep your golf outing promotions from sinking into a budget hazard

In the past couple of years, I’ve seen a number of business association and client golf outings get completely cancelled or scaled back, primarily due to low turnouts and budget concerns. Outings are no longer considered a mandatory event either … Continue reading

No logo, no problem! Saving your brand while saving money with non-imprinted promotional products and strategies

Sometimes you’re short on money. Or you’re short on time. And you’re seriously thinking about using blank promotional products and supplies for your upcoming event. But you’re worried that doing so will hurt your brand, something that you’ve invested heavily in building. Stop worrying! Continue reading

How to save money and the planet with multi-sponsor promotions

Have you ever gone to an event and received no less than four tote bags? Or maybe three mugs? I have. It can happen when multiple event sponsors’ donated promotions are not coordinated and each sponsor brings whatever they want. This is such a waste of resources, both financial and environmental. And it definitely isn’t something that attendees want. Continue reading

How plastic bag bans could affect your next event

Once a free-flowing staple in retail and at events and trade shows, the ubiquitous plastic bag has come under heavy fire for the environmental toll it can cause. With recycling rates of bags still at a low rate, cities around the world are now instituting plastic bag bans to combat the problem at the source. Continue reading