Three quick tips to freshen up your event giveaways

When you’re organizing events year after year, your swag options can start to feel stale. We find that event planners see a lot of different promotional ideas during their day-to-day work that can easily fall into that “seen it all” … Continue reading

Promotional products hot list for 2013

I love January! I’m always getting revved up for the New Year and, thankfully, so are my clients. One of the other January perks is that there are a number of promotional products shows and new product announcements going on. … Continue reading

What’s hot and what’s not in tech promotional products

In the day and age we’re in, one might naturally think that all manner of electronic, computer and tech gadgetry would be the “it” promotions to have. That may or may not be the best choice. Let’s look at the numbers. Continue reading

Five tips for ordering golf balls with logo for your next golf outing

It seems so simple. But ordering imprinted golf balls for a corporate golf outing can get tricky. Here are some tips for finding the right one for your group. Continue reading