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  • Four reasons why you should attend professional association meetings

    As an association manager, I’m regularly coming up reasons why professionals should join their industry associations, and different ways to market and share their value propositions – and yet, there is still work to do around awareness in our own meeting planning industry! How do you get your professional development? What networks have you joined? Is it time to start being more active in your industry’s association? Or, maybe you’ve already had a full career and it’s time to give…

    Career Development, Meeting Community, People & Profiles, The Business of Meetings

  • Top 10 ways to attract Millennials to association events

    Why is there such a stigma around events hosted by associations? Why do association events somehow get classified as less glamourous than corporate events? Many young professionals may not yet know all of the benefits of joining a professional association in their field (networking opportunities, professional development, industry recognition, just to name a few), so hosting an amazing event is a great way to get their foot in the door. Look at the Millennial stereotype – they’re tech-savvy, trendy, action-oriented,…

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