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  • Introducers, Tech and Wellness: Top trends in the events industry

    By Angela Zaltsman Halfway through the year, it’s becoming easier to spot what trends are changing, what’s sticking around and what’s not in the events industry. While technology continues its non-stop march into the events space, the industry is still about the people in attendance. Networking, food and beverage and the over experience remain the core of any given event, but how they’re delivered is, like the nascent use of tech, constantly in flux. Below, read up on what’s been hot…

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  • Skip the Plan, Embrace the Pop-Up

    Spontaneity is anathema to a well-planned event. Spontaneity isn’t planned, which means it’s probably getting in the way of something that is, which means attendees’ sacrosanct schedules are being upended and taking the planner’s reputation with it. Planners might be forgiven, then, for wanting to smother the impromptu — something they’d plan for, surely — under the weight of timetables, clear instruction to staff and precise allocation of resources. Trade show attendees are counting on them. Right? Turns out, they might…

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