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  • Products to Help Attendees Physically Distance at Events

    Have you accidentally come within two metres of another person during COVID times? The answer is no doubt yes. People are social beings who seek closeness with others. It’s human nature and therefore bound to happen. So how can we help attendees comply with social distancing rules at events? While it’s an event planner’s responsibility to ensure a venue allows for physical distancing, simply having that space does not guarantee it will occur. Here are four products that can assist…

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  • Alberta Issues Event Guidelines as Trade Shows, Exhibits get Green Light

    Indoor trade shows and exhibiting events are allowed again in Alberta. The announcement was made July 16, at a press conference. The province’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, said after studying other jurisdictions that have reopened such activities, it was found events don’t seem to be large spreaders of the coronavirus. The government has developed guidelines to support event organizers in reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among workers, volunteers, patrons and the general public. Organizers…

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  • Colour-coded Bracelets Offer Social Distancing Solution at Events

    The entrepreneurs who made their debut on Shark Tank have launched their latest product, Social Bands, aimed at helping places where large groups of people gather like trade shows and exhibitions. The colour-coded bracelets allow wearers to silently communicate their physical distancing preferences at meetings to avoid having an awkward conversation. Red indicates no contact, yellow means elbows only and green invites high-fives and handshakes. “This is new, uncharted territory for all of us,” says Desiree Haller, co-founder of Social Bands.…

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  • Canadian Airlines Open Up All Seats Ending Physical Distancing Onboard

    Canada’s two largest airlines have abandoned physical distancing rules on flights. Air Canada and WestJet are no longer keeping adjacent seats empty between passengers in economy class, including the middle seats in aisles. The return to pre-COVID-19 booking procedures came into effect July 1. The carriers announced they would start filling flights to full capacity a few days prior. Both cite the decision is in response to a pick up in air travel and is in line with the International…

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  • Masks Now Mandatory when Travelling on Via Rail Trians

    Taking a cue from the airline industry, Via Rail is now requiring train passengers to wear a mask to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. This is necessary as the economy gradually reopens and Via Rail sees an increase in ridership, says the rail passenger service. With the new policy, riders will be required to wear a mask at all times during their trip, including in stations and at boarding. The only exception is when eating or drinking. Masks will…

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  • Organizers, Venues take Meaningful Steps to Bring Events Industry Back

    The events industry is getting ready for a new landscape as provincial and local governments country-wide lift pandemic-related restrictions on businesses and group gatherings. Recognizing people may be uneasy and even anxious about attending larger exhibitions like conferences and trade shows when they are allowed to resume, organizers and venues are taking steps now to impart consumer confidence. “We have been preparing for a return of events by building a list of potential measures that sit under the cornerstones of…

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