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  • Creative Group Activities in the Outaouais

    Eight ideas for team building, networking or post-meeting playtime Planning group activities is an effective way to infuse energy and fun into a corporate event. Attendees now want an experience that enhances their learning in a unique way. They want to grasp new industry knowledge, but they also want to mingle with colleagues in unusual settings. Rather than discuss a morning’s worth of seminars in the back of a conference room, get people talking to each other at a wine…

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  • Meet on a Patio in the Outaouais

    Six mouth-watering spots with meeting spaces Summertime arrives to the Outaouais region with plenty of opportunity for bringing a meeting routine outside to a foodie destination. Swap an indoor conference room for an open-air brewery or invite delegates to the patio of a rustic restaurant. Casual and creative settings get people feeling more comfortable with one another, and being outdoors can recharge their batteries during a long day of power-point presentations. With the area’s high-quality local ingredients—beef, dairy, market gardening…

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  • The Outaouais, an ideal meeting place

    Urban getaway meets countryside escape just a few minutes from Ottawa As First Nations peoples realized thousands of years ago, the Outaouais region is an ideal meeting place. Conveniently located between Montreal and Toronto, minutes from Ottawa, the Outaouais is appealing on many levels, with generous indoor spaces for meetings and vast outdoor spaces for recreation. Cultural hotspots, regional cuisine and acres of green space, from wildlife reserves to national parks, can be explored on foot or by wheel. Along…

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  • Ottawa and Outaouais

    The nation’s capital embodies all that is great about Canada — cultural diversity, beautiful scenery and a vibrant arts and business community. With its impressive national sites, monuments and symbols where visitors can experience the best of the nation, Ottawa is a unique and inspiring destination to visit and, of course, to live.

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