Paperless versus paper-free: How clear is your sustainability policy?

We see it frequently: usually in bold and coloured type, sometimes italicized and generally with exclamation marks behind it. We are going green! The (insert name of conference) is going to be paperless!What does it mean? Continue reading

Ten tips for your next conference

Conferences are hard work. From developing the creative treatments to establishing milestones and timelines, planning ahead can make all the difference in the world. When planning a conference, there are specific guidelines that you should always follow in order for it to run smoothly. Here are 10 tips that will help you plan and run a successful conference. Continue reading

How to add value to your event using new technologies and web-based features

Technologies and web based features are developing at an extremely rapid pace, and choosing options that can add value to one’s business can be overwhelming at times. Here is a quick guide that can help with your shopping. Continue reading