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  • Creative Group Activities in the Outaouais

    Eight ideas for team building, networking or post-meeting playtime Planning group activities is an effective way to infuse energy and fun into a corporate event. Attendees now want an experience that enhances their learning in a unique way. They want to grasp new industry knowledge, but they also want to mingle with colleagues in unusual settings. Rather than discuss a morning’s worth of seminars in the back of a conference room, get people talking to each other at a wine…

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  • Ways to create easier check-in and facilitate networking with event apps

    By Jenn Heighington, senior Event Coordinator at Managing Matters The world of event planning has evolved, and so has the way events are executed. The days of registration spreadsheets printed by the dozen, haphazardly highlighted as attendees check in are long gone. When a registrants asks “has <insert name here> checked in yet?”, we no longer have to sift through and cross reference three different lists to be able to provide them with a quick yes or no answer, because,…

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  • Top 10 ways to attract Millennials to association events

    Why is there such a stigma around events hosted by associations? Why do association events somehow get classified as less glamourous than corporate events? Many young professionals may not yet know all of the benefits of joining a professional association in their field (networking opportunities, professional development, industry recognition, just to name a few), so hosting an amazing event is a great way to get their foot in the door. Look at the Millennial stereotype – they’re tech-savvy, trendy, action-oriented,…

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  • Nine ideas for injecting energy into your next meeting or conference

    When I tell people that I am leaving to attend a conference in an amazing city or country, they usually say things like: “wow, you are so lucky that you get to go there,” and “take lots of pictures!” They don’t realize that I will only see the airport, the conference hotel or facility and whatever else I can glimpse outside the taxi cab’s window as I make my way to and from the airport. The taxi ride is normally…

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