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  • How nature can boost your attendees’ experience

    It’s official – spring is here! With the warmer weather approaching, I am dreaming about those long walks in the park, fresh air and sunlight, and I am completely overcome with positive emotions. It’s little wonder why I am crushing hard for nature. Its health benefits are as old as time and with wellness being the most talked-about trend in the meeting industry, I wanted to explore how integrating nature into meetings and events can boost the overall attendee experience.…

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  • Using nature to boost engagement and attention at your next event

    By Ben Moorsom Last year we were in Vienna working out of a Hilton, sitting inside dim meeting rooms for 12 hours at a time (sound familiar?). At the end of each day, we’d walk to this vibrant neighbourhood nearby for dinner. There were three different routes we could take to get there. But, every time we left the hotel that week, I noticed that we’d all naturally walk in the same direction—toward the big park with a scenic pathway…

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  • The Outaouais, an ideal meeting place

    Urban getaway meets countryside escape just a few minutes from Ottawa As First Nations peoples realized thousands of years ago, the Outaouais region is an ideal meeting place. Conveniently located between Montreal and Toronto, minutes from Ottawa, the Outaouais is appealing on many levels, with generous indoor spaces for meetings and vast outdoor spaces for recreation. Cultural hotspots, regional cuisine and acres of green space, from wildlife reserves to national parks, can be explored on foot or by wheel. Along…

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  • Four ways to tap into the wellbeing trend at your corporate meeting or event

    Wellbeing is the new green, and many companies are starting to invest in this concept. Every year, studies reveal the close connection between employee productivity and wellbeing in the workplace. In response, organizations are changing their values, keen to jumpstart wellness programs that attract and retain top talent. From natural light and good indoor air quality to comfort and access to nature, a healthy space isn’t just environmentally friendly; it keeps stress levels at bay, cares about personal wellbeing and…

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