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  • Digital fluidity and the human experience at meetings and events

    Digital fluidity – the premise that our lifestyle landscape is being forever changed by the ongoing onslaught of disruptive digital capabilities – can no longer be ignored by the meeting planning and hospitality communities. It is time to catch up or be left behind. What does being left behind look like? It is your hotel or venue not being selected because you are not optimized for search engines – traditional leisure/tourist sites and sophisticated e-RFP and site selection sites –…

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  • What’s on the horizon for event technology?

    By Andrew De La Cour and Derek Anderson It is safe to assume that the technologies most in demand by meeting planners this year foreshadow what’s to come. Most notably, there were three standout event technology solutions last year that created a buzz among meeting professionals. Of the three, only a couple were embraced by your peers – the other, not so much. Here’s a recap. Video dominated information consumption methods at events. Whether it was shaky camera phone images…

    A/V & Special Effects, Event Operations, Social Media & Technology

  • Deciding between mobile apps or text messaging for your next event

    By Rick O’Connor According to Pew Research Center, (report here) 56 per cent of adults in the US own smartphones and can download an app, but only 50 per cent choose to do so. My math tells me that 50 per cent of 56 per cent is 28 per cent. That means about 28 per cent of your event attendees might download an event app. The same report states that 81 per cent of adults send and receive text messages…

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  • Don’t worry, be Appy: Seven tips to elevate your game with mobile event applications

    “Are we there yet?” Little Johnny is kicking the back of the seat, obviously bored, the seatbelt rubbing against the side of his flushed face, his patience long abandoned. If you are a planner who has resisted embracing the plethora of mobile event application opportunities available, chances are your attendees are feeling like “Little Johnny”. In a technological world that is spinning faster and faster, if you are not including even the simplest of event applications or social media technology,…

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