Three fallacies about mobile apps for events, and how to address them

By Phil Rappoport Event mobile apps have become a mainstay for conferences and meetings. Participants expect the digital version of the printed program, and with good reason. The event mobile app is the best, most convenient meeting tool that can … Continue reading

Powering your programs: Nine data sources for revving up your event measurement

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Using a mobile app for events? How to promote it right!

As a speaker, I’m always thrilled to see that a conference or meeting is using a mobile app to connect with attendees and offer helpful event information. It can eliminate the need for promotional conference totes, folders and, most importantly, reams of paper. Score one for the planet! Continue reading

How to add value to your event using new technologies and web-based features

Technologies and web based features are developing at an extremely rapid pace, and choosing options that can add value to one’s business can be overwhelming at times. Here is a quick guide that can help with your shopping. Continue reading