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  • Trend Watch – Association Meetings in 2018

    Over the next few months, the team at Redstone will be taking the time to look at what we can change or improve on in our association meeting planning in 2018 – particularly those that will require increasing a budget line or two – in order to be able to bring the organizations we work with into the future. Here are two important areas where our team will be learning, training and increasing our budgets in order to better serve…

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  • Theme weaving your way to more engaging events

    Theme weaving is the process where you imagine the big picture of your event and develop a theme that integrates your core values with a clear call to action. The chosen theme will naturally vary depending on your event, ranging from a one-night fundraiser to a multi-day conference or incentive program, to name a few of the more commonly themed events. Theme development must involve planners and stakeholders who clearly understand the stated goals. Theme weaving means each element becomes…

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  • Neuroscience and your meetings

    The understanding of neuroscience behind meeting planning has had more attention in the past year than at any time in the history of meetings. With so much on our plates already, why is it important to understand how this research impacts us? Each of our attendees comes to the meeting with expectations including the needs for education and connection that have to be met, and a hosting organization that is seeking to be the thought leader is to provide these…

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