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  • Site selection made simple

    One of the first tasks meeting planners are charged with is to choose an appropriate venue that ensures a successful event on all fronts. If careful consideration isn’t given to venue selection, it can spell failure of epic proportions. People might remember a terrific keynote speaker for a few days, but they’ll never forgive being shoehorned into a too-tight space with bad ventilation. Get the venue right, however, and you’ve set yourself up for success right out of the gate – with both delegates and those signing the cheques.

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  • Why you should have a safety plan in place for your next meeting

    When meeting planners think of forming a contingency or safety plan for their next meeting, they usually feel overwhelmed. Industry experts say meeting planners who ask at the right questions and do the proper research should be able to put together a plan with ease. Remember, it’s vital for every meeting or event to have a safety plan in place!

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  • The Meeting Planner

    For something that looks so easy, event planning is anything but. Every annual general meeting, wedding reception or book signing creates the possibility for a myriad of mishaps that no one wants to handle.

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