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  • Meeting design for transformative experiences

    According to, the term meeting has many meanings, and many synonyms. It struck me that the synonyms are the words we need to more carefully consider when we are designing our meetings if we want them to be effective. What do I mean by effective? If we consider the origin of meeting design as a philosophy that began around 2009 with the Meeting Architecture Manifesto, and as a stakeholder deliverable as laid out in the Event Design Handbook in…

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  • First report from IACC Meeting Room of The Future initiative highlights attendee desire for experience creation

    As part of a dynamic new initiative from IACC, a first set of research has been conducted and reported following the survey of global meeting planners. The IACC Meeting Room of the Future aims to transform the meeting experience through a global collaboration of leaders in conference room design, audiovisual technology, hospitality, academia and conference management. The project and initial global survey results were unveiled at IACC-America’s Connect annual conference in New York City this week. The project combines innovation…

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  • Are you driving your meeting design?

    When we consider meeting design, it needs to be viewed as a journey. So what does it take to plan a successful journey? First, define what success looks like on a deeply personal level. This requires starting at the beginning, with the people who will join you by attending your event. This may be based on mandatory attendance for a corporate event, or based on history, or based on your ability to entice attendees to come along with you as…

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  • How serendipity and social mobility affect thoughtful meeting design

    Serendipity is a topic dear to my meeting designer heart, and one I have explored before. Why? We attend meetings and events as stated ubiquitously and often for learning and networking. I would go deeper than this and borrow a concept from Robin Jones (CMO at QuickMobile). “Learning at its best is either disruptive, where it really makes us consider a new perspective, or actionable, where we want to leave and try something new or in a new way, as…

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  • MPI Foundation releases first-ever meeting design study

    Research and toolkit to help meeting planners reduce costs and increase value Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Foundation has published the first comprehensive research study on meeting design. As the industry undergoes a paradigm shift in how it defines, plans and executes meetings and events, the meeting design study and the tools that accompany it provide both a framework and a bridge between the state of meetings today and the future. “Meeting design is about reducing a meeting or event down…

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  • MPI foundation releases second supplement in Future of Meetings Research Series

    In continuation of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Future of Meetings Research Series, the MPI Foundation released a second supplement to its white paper, From The Outside In on the future of meeting design and individual needs. MPI has created a media page that provides access to the resources surrounding the Future of Meetings Research Series. The launch of this research initiative focuses on the future trends that will impact the meetings and events industry for years to come. EXERPTS: From…

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  • Helping stakeholders see the big picture of meetings value

    Amid today’s challenging climate of economic uncertainty, more and more discussion about meetings and events is taking place in the corporate boardroom, where senior management teams are assessing the value those meetings bring to their business. For a professional meeting planner, knowing how to prove the value of tangible and intangible returns on a stakeholder’s investment is an enviable skill. Establishing the inherent value of meetings and how they tie in to corporate objectives is a critical component of the planning process, giving you the power to leverage that information with senior management and helping to justify their meetings investment.

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