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  • Mindful meeting choices: The details that make the difference

    Logistics are the bread and butter of a meeting planner’s diet. It’s easy to get distracted by the shiny objects of 21st-century planning – event apps, virtual reality, meditation breaks – but it’s well-executed basics and details that allow those elements to augment the show. Having attended my fair share of conferences, I can attest that it’s the little things that make or break an individual participant’s experience. Request a vegetarian meal and receive a surf-and-turf plate instead, pick up your name…

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  • Calgary: Where industries connect

    Entertainment, culture and hospitality aren’t the only things that thrive in Calgary. As Western Canada’s head office capital, Calgary is where industry leaders come to get business done. Want to be near the action? Consider the connections you’ll make when you select Calgary as your meeting or event destination. Energy Calgary is home to approximately one out of every seven of Canada’s major corporate headquarters. It is also the energy capital of the country, hosting the head office for every…

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  • Event logistics for a mindful experience

    By Leanne Andrecyk Logistics: the process of planning, organizing and managing activities. Born from the military arts, it is the essence of the event industry and the most important element of the craft.  A true master of logistics can take event management from an activity to a scientific discipline. Event logistics can encompass all planning phases of an event; however the focus of this article is on the end game: the logistics of event execution with guest participation in mind.…

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