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  • New Touchless Registration Tool Supports Health, Safety of Event-Goers

    Anticipating the desire for contactless registration when events resume, Convention Data Services (CDS) has created a digital solution to ensure a safe experience for attendees and exhibitors. “Our top priority is moving attendees through registration with care and ease,” says the company’s president and CEO, John Kimball. “DigiBadge allows us to securely track attendees and create safe interactions.” Launched in early June, Digibadge enables registrants to self-check-in on-site using their personal mobile device. Event participants download the DigiBadge link provided…

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  • Quebec Congress Centre to Adopt Hybrid Solutions when Operations Resume

    A Montreal convention centre is preparing to reopen by hosting hybrid events. The Palais des congrès made the announcement June 10, in response to the safety concerns and social distancing requirements shaking up the convention industry. “Despite the undeniable impact COVID-19 has had on the Palais’ operations, the current situation is serving as a springboard for going forward with new digital opportunities that will enable us to further make our mark globally,” says Palais des congrès de Montréal CEO, Robert…

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  • What Events May Look Like After the COVID-19 Pandemic

    COVID-19 has stopped meetings and events in their tracks. But although an unprecedented time for the industry, it will undoubtedly recover. “I am strongly convinced the physical event business will bounce back,” says best-selling author and frequent public speaker, David Meerman Scott, who studies how neuroscience affects behaviour. “Humans crave physical interaction with other humans. We want to be part of a tribe — that’s baked into our neuroscience. Our brains thrive around being around people who are just like…

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  • Conference technology requirements 101

    Meeting planners are under increasing pressure to keep up with conference technology in order to source the right suite of apps, software and AV that will wow attendees so they leave with a lasting, memorable and immersive experience. With an often diverse attendee demographic, a need to “look modern”, engage the audience, deliver content of value and bring it all within budget, meeting planners realize that arranging for the right technology takes as much or often even time than organizing…

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  • Hybrid meetings: The sustainability silver bullet?

    In recent years the event industry has made great strides in support of sustainability. We have much to cheer about! More professionals than ever are engaging in sustainable events. Publishers like Corporate Meetings Network continue to share tips about the topic. Industry suppliers, including hotels, venues and general services contractors, have embedded environmental management systems that are achieving real waste and carbon reductions. Worldwide, event volunteer projects are having great social benefit. While important, this cheerleading can lull us into…

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  • Online event adoption and attendance growing

    A new report conducted by the Virtual Edge Institute (VEI) and sponsored by Digitell Inc. analyzes trends at face-to-face and online events, and the numbers show that attendees are increasingly turning to both hybrid extensions and digital events (non-hybrid) to engage with their organizations. The 2014 Digital Event Benchmark Report collected findings from more than 200 event producers and offers data and insights for online methodologies, business goals, marketing strategies and measurement approaches. “Online engagement is growing in importance as…

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