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  • How to Leverage Technology to Simplify your Hybrid Event Production

    A recently published study by EventMB found an overwhelming majority of event organizers (81 per cent) believe they have to design and execute separate, dedicated experiences for in-person and remote audiences when hosting a hybrid event. Fortunately, with the right production technology and expertise, you don’t have to plan two separate events when going hybrid. Here’s how. Focus on Content Hybrid formats allow you to produce one event with two outputs. Take Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The five-day event…

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  • Four Seasons is Helping Event Planners Foster Connections with Hybrid Meetings

    Industry-leading multi-broadcast, hub and spoke, video conferencing, and gala to-go offerings allow hosts and planners to create memorable experiences while maintaining guest health and safety every step of the way. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is making it easier to bring people together by combining in-person and virtual settings in a re-imagined meetings and events offering. Hybrid Meetings by Four Seasons combines creative design with the latest audio-visual technology, and a commitment to health and safety. While the meetings and events landscape…

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    PRA Partners with SafeAccess

    PRA is partnering with SafeAccess, a secure, cloud-based health and safety screening platform designed to help event organizers create, maintain, and communicate health and safety policies and procedures. The partnership enables PRA to provide best-in-class solutions to its clients for approaching events of today and in the future. Coupled with a comprehensive risk-mitigation solution suite, the SafeAccess health and safety platform helps provide safe in-person experiences while effectively addressing risk, liabilities, and compliance needs. Event attendees, staff, and vendors can…

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  • Seven Tips to Set Up a Successful Online Event

    Online corporate meetings and conferences are becoming the norm for many businesses amid the coronavirus outbreak, and they’re likely here to stay post-COVID-19 because of their intrinsic value. These virtual events expand audience reach, provide evergreen content opportunities, allow for in-depth reporting on attendees and are more cost-effective than their on-site counterparts. They’re also not at the mercy of external factors like a major storm or global pandemic, as is the case today. While some organizations have already fully transitioned…

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  • Hybrid meetings: Bringing technology and live audiences together

    Years ago, if someone mentioned the word “hybrid,” it could easily have been your grandmother talking about her prize-winning orchids. Today, not only has the term hybrid become synonymous with fuel-efficient cars and trucks, but it has also made its way into the world of corporate meeting and event planning. In fact, the hybrid meeting is something that is becoming more and more common as we continue to blur the lines between live events and online communication. For anyone still…

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