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  • Five corporate travel challenges meeting planners should prepare for

    By Dirk Baerts The year 2016 continues to bring unprecedented opportunities for the meetings and incentives industry in Canada. While new opportunities exist, meeting planners and travel organizers will also face increased challenges. Canada is an attractive destination for international business meetings thanks to its high level of service, easy access, business culture, as well as competitive pricing. According to ICCA, Canada ranked 9th in the world in 2014 for most international meetings held. Destinations like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal continue…

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  • Hiring for success: Important tips for making quality hires

    By Jenny Faucher Making quality hires is crucial to the success of any organization, and missing one step can lead to headaches down the road. Here are some tips to ensure you keep ahead and focused on hiring the best person for your organization. Take your time and cast a wide net Invest time into the process. Start the process with the right mindset, and know that you won’t have someone hired in a few weeks. The process, if done…

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  • Soccer madness: Four ways businesses can prepare for media brand damage

    I recently published an article entitled Employee conduct outside the workplace: When should employers take action? In the article, I discussed how the NFL had managed two cases of family abuse involving their players and the extent to which employers had control and accountability for their employees’ words and deeds away from the work place. I acknowledged that as an employer the NFL did hold a very unique place in the public mind compared to most other employers but wondered…

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