Striving for sustainability in events

By Daniella Bustamante The concept of “sustainable” and “green” events is not new. Over the years, we have seen a shift towards making events more eco-friendly. This has been most noticeable with more hotels and convention centers coming up with … Continue reading

Urban Agriculture Lab Sets Green Standard

More people are living in cities than ever before, and some believe that 66 per cent of the world’s population will be urban by 2050. As urbanization increases, encroaching onto rural areas currently used for agriculture, researchers are looking for … Continue reading

Three items to consider for an event’s carbon reduction plan

Corporate event-goers are more carbon-conscious than ever. Companies across Canada are lowering emissions to save money on operational costs, enhance their brand and attract and retain top talent looking for an eco-responsible workplace. In an effort to reduce their carbon … Continue reading

Green to the last drop: Five easy strategies to reduce the water footprint of your next event

You might be surprised to learn that my northern British Columbia community suffers from a water shortage almost every single year. Yes folks, it does happen in Canada. In fact, when many of you are enjoying the tender, emerging buds … Continue reading

Paperless versus paper-free: How clear is your sustainability policy?

We see it frequently: usually in bold and coloured type, sometimes italicized and generally with exclamation marks behind it. We are going green! The (insert name of conference) is going to be paperless!What does it mean? Continue reading