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  • Dos and don’ts for events geared toward young professionals

    Young professional events can be super tricky to plan, because of the wide range of individuals attending (often anywhere from 21 to 35), varying from junior, to mid, to sometimes even senior-level professionals. Considering that you’re probably marketing to both Baby Boomers and Generation X (if they’re controlling the budget for professional development and other events for their staff), and Generations Y and Z (yes, the first-born of this group are now 22!), it can be very challenging to make…

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  • Millennial success skills: What we should be teaching Gen Y

    Shh, don’t tell business leaders: Millennials – individuals who are roughly 19-35 years old, and a generation of young professionals raised on a steady diet of high-tech gadgets, websites and 24/7 wireless and social media communications – are quickly taking over today’s workforce. But the way in which these highly enterprising and engaging individuals will look to communicate, interact and hope to engage with tomorrow’s businesses is very different than the ways in which other generations have chosen to do…

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  • Succession planning for small organizations on a budget

    Whether you’re working for a small association or startup business, you may be facing some difficult choices (read: limitations) when it comes to financially investing in your organization’s future. However, succession planning is a critical component to any organization and should never go by the wayside. There are a number of ways to invest time and other resources into the sustainability of your organization. One thing to keep in mind as you read through this blog post is that many…

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  • IACC survey reveals latest set of generational preferences of meeting planners

    A recent survey conducted by the International Association of Conference Centres (IACC), in partnership with Development Counsellors International (DCI), has revealed new generational preferences of meeting planners in the Australia Asia Pacific region, with implications globally. “This is the first survey of its kind produced by IACC in the Australia Asia Pacific region and is the third survey following similar research in the Americas and Europe,” says Mark Cooper, CEO, IACC. “There were important differences highlighted in the research in…

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  • RSVP etiquette: Why we are tentative to RSVP to events

    If you’re old enough, you remember when RSVPs used to be straightforward. You got an invitation, you made a decision and you sent a response to advise accordingly. Today, despite technological advances in sending and capturing responses, this process has become anything but simple. The edges of RSVP etiquette are blurring and planners are feeling the ramifications. It is now common – even expected that there will be a large percentage of people who will not respond, and this number…

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  • When social media feels like work: Networking with an over-stimulated audience

    “It feels like work.” Those were the words spoken by a twenty something university student in response to the question, “How active are you on social media?” “Jane” went on to explain that the insidious nature of social media has taken all of the fun out of it and that it now has become an expectation. As a result, she has abandoned Facebook. She rarely tweets. “How do you network?” I ask, completely flummoxed by the conversation. “Over coffee or…

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