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  • Designing your events with intention

    By Liz Gobin, FMAV content writer. Event planners spend ample time putting together all aspects of an event from the food to the decor, the stage experience to the entertainment and to every fine detail in between. Often times, their designs are inspired by their peers, other events and industry trends; however, this can be a challenge when audiences or event objectives are different. After all, what works for someone else may not be the best solution for your event.…

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  • Overcome Sponsorship Challenges By Defining Value

    By Liz Gobin and Anthony Vade, FMAV Gaining and retaining relationships with sponsors continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing event and meeting professionals. Over the last ten years, the industry has been subject to legislative and cultural changes that have resulted in a seismic shift in relationship dynamics. Moreover, sponsors are demanding more from their investments and trading traditional sponsorship for personalized, outcome-driven customization. This leaves planners working harder than ever to secure and retain event sponsorship.…

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  • Embracing the Great Outdoors in Your Event

    Now that the warm weather is here, event planners are gearing up for a season of outdoor concerts, weddings and retreats. And surely, no matter what type of events are on your calendar, using the outdoors to your advantage can create a refreshing experience for attendees, assuming it’s done right. There is no shortage of benefits to embracing the Great Outdoors. Physical and mental health advantages include vitamin D production, which in turn increases positive moods, enhances focus, and lowers…

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  • Engaging Attendees with Event Technology

    Q&A with Anthony Vade, Experience Architect at FMAV Events have always been about creating experiences. That, and ensuring attendees walk away with the brand messages and key takeaways intended by the event’s planners and stakeholders. This is a worthy goal on paper, but how does one do that effectively, and how can technology help create that lasting impression? Here to discuss the role technology plays in helping event professionals design better experiences is FMAV’s Anthony Vade. How can technological solutions be used…

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