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  • First-Rate Event Security Starts with a Seamless Plan

    For event planners, it goes without saying that creating a memorable guest experience is a critical aspect of the job. But what about those “behind-the-scenes” components delegates can’t see or taste? While crisp acoustics and scrumptious cuisine, prominent guest speakers and dazzling party venues, are all part and parcel to what make an event successful, seamless security and risk preparedness are every bit as important—if not, more so. Gone are the days when a slippery floor or a loose guardrail…

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  • Event planners help shape experience for new Halifax Convention Centre

    A planner’s journey can be full of emotional highs and lows, from site selection and event planning to event execution and wrap-up. The team at the Halifax Convention Centre collaborated with Canadian event planners to understand more about this journey so they could design an experience that will impress clients in their brand new facility opening December 2017. Ideas shared through a series of collaborative workshops revealed the need for a primary point-of-contact, a go-to expert who doesn’t just react,…

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  • The power of events in disruptive times

    When “unpredictable” is the new buzzword for the economy, everyone in the meetings and events industry should be a little nervous. We have been through cutbacks, recessions, governances, regulations, and threats from both Mother Nature and other humans, all forever changing our ability to deliver hospitality to our guests in the way we (and our clients) feel they are most deserving of. Yet, as humans, we still travel, meet, attend events, and celebrate all that life brings us. These events…

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  • Eight tips for planning a large corporate gala

    Galas have many different features that can add to the stress of planning the event such as sponsors, auctions and entertainment. In addition, dealing with vendors, meals, special accommodations, etc. can be a challenge as well. Here are some areas to think about that can make your event less stressful: You need to plan early! If you plan on renting a popular venue, make sure to secure it far in advance. Most places that are extremely unique can book up…

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  • Improving client and supplier interactions

    In a series of articles over the coming months, I’d like to tackle some of the key challenges for event planners regarding client interactions. After helping you develop a solid understanding of your own style, I’ll provide some tools on how to “categorize” your clients through observable behaviours. This combined insight will then significantly improve your interaction with clients, giving you the ability to adjust to your client’s needs with an insight that generally takes a long-term working relationship to…

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  • Six tips for mentoring aspiring event planners

    1. Get involved – Your first step is to be open to mentoring and to let your industry colleagues know that you are. Reach out to a college/university that offers event planning programs and ask if you could help with any of their classes. You may already be a member of a group such as MPI (Meeting Professionals International), which has aspiring event planners looking for mentors to meet and from whom to learn. If a student reaches out to…

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  • Ten critical tips for incorporating IT into your next meeting or event

    The main purpose of an event or a meeting is to have “face-to-face” engagement with the attendees. The meeting and event industry is in a transition period where event planners can increase attendee retention and maximize on extended audiences all around the world through electronic means. Anyone planning an event must be sure to let IT enhance the program, not swallow it! Events are based on “face-to-face” time with clients, peers and colleagues.

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  • Why event planners should ‘start with why’

    The concept is simply this – it doesn’t matter what you do, it matters why you do it. Citing examples ranging from Apple and Harley Davidson to Martin Luther King, Simon convincingly argues that the one thing these and other successful organizations and leaders have in common is that they answer the why questions before the who, what, when, where and how questions. This basic distinction permeates everything they do. For their companies and organizations, this can be seen in everything from their corporate culture to their marketing, and their overall strategic direction, vision and purpose.

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