Walking the talk: Five tips for getting started with your corporate social responsibility plan

“Walking the talk”, “thinking outside the box” – both sayings make my teeth ache and a tiny vessel on the side of my head pulse ever so slightly. In fact, every time I catch myself saying or using these phrases, I envision a unicorn disappearing POOF! Continue reading

Using a mobile app for events? How to promote it right!

As a speaker, I’m always thrilled to see that a conference or meeting is using a mobile app to connect with attendees and offer helpful event information. It can eliminate the need for promotional conference totes, folders and, most importantly, reams of paper. Score one for the planet! Continue reading

Why event planners should ‘start with why’

The concept is simply this – it doesn’t matter what you do, it matters why you do it. Citing examples ranging from Apple and Harley Davidson to Martin Luther King, Simon convincingly argues that the one thing these and other successful organizations and leaders have in common is that they answer the why questions before the who, what, when, where and how questions. This basic distinction permeates everything they do. For their companies and organizations, this can be seen in everything from their corporate culture to their marketing, and their overall strategic direction, vision and purpose. Continue reading