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  • Top ideas for event themes

    By Daniella Bustamante and Dela Kumapley, Event Coordinators at Managing Matters Selecting the right theme is crucial to the success of your event and sets the stage to influence your food and beverage, design and décor choices. It will communicate to guests a sense of what to expect, what the atmosphere will be and even what they might wear! With this much pull on the outcome of your event, make sure you spend time choosing a theme that is interesting,…

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  • Site selection: How architecture and ambiance enhance your event

    I recently had a fascinating discussion with acclaimed interior designer Lucienne Van Langen, owner of Luminary Design in Saskatoon, who hosts an annual gala evening for existing and potential clients. Van Langen is intimately aware of the “feeling” she wants to accomplish for her function. “The venue we chose this year was a reflection of the characteristics of the individuals that make up our design firm and an extension of our luxury, high-end brand. It offered a unique experience in…

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  • Budgeting for event design

    In our world of events, clients are continually seeking innovative solutions for their event needs. These solutions cost money! Across the event spectrum, budgets are as wide as the missions are varied. In all cases, the financial parameters of these events govern the critical decisions made throughout the development and implementation process. Within the ‘financial parameters’ of designing and producing an event, there are critical budgeting tracks to consider. Each ‘parameter’ has its own set of guidelines within the context…

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  • Meeting Planner Profile: Patricia Rekert, Owner and President of In Any Event Design Inc.

    Present: Owner and President of In Any Event Design Inc., Vancouver, B.C. Past: Professional photographer. Expertise: Developing event concepts and identifying innovative solutions. Specialty: Delivering sophisticated elegance in special event design and production. Tell us about yourself: I am a very private person. I have two grown sons whom I am most proud of. Family is the most important part of my life outside of work. …

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