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  • Can event venues cancel your contract concessions?

    It feels great to negotiate concessions as part of an event contract. Concessions, by definition, are a contractual agreement where one party provides something of value to the other party in exchange for something else. In the case of the events and meetings industry, one typically sees concessions offered in a venue contract, in recognition of the event host choosing the venue to host its event. Venue contract concessions can be wide-ranging and are prioritized differently for each event. Examples…

    Event Budgeting, Event Operations, Site Selection

  • Unconventional venue contracts still require conventional contract wisdom

    As revealed in my last article, there are a multitude of items that one must consider when “finding the perfect fit” between an event and an unconventional venue. The wide range of factors to be considered (which even at 30-plus items was not exhaustive!) gives credence to the importance of fully understanding the wants and needs of the event, and the capabilities and limitations of the venue, and when compared side by side – being able to discern the best…

    Event Budgeting, Event Operations, Site Selection

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