Four ways event planners can get ready for the spring conference season

If you’re like many meeting planners that work in conference and professional development event management, your peak season is the spring. During this time you’ll see many multi-day conferences, award shows, annual general meetings, etc. While the timing of these … Continue reading

Measuring event success: 16 tips for helping your clients understand money well spent

After the 2008 recession, the events industry took a major hit. Companies went from having lavish parties and extravagant events to cutting down to the bare minimum. Then more than ever, event industry professionals had to consistently prove their value … Continue reading

Building trust: What meeting planners want suppliers to understand

Meeting planners are hardworking, resilient and well-organized individuals who rely upon a variety of suppliers to deliver the meetings they manage. They face the stresses of orchestrating an endless array of tasks and suppliers into a seamlessly delivered meeting, conference … Continue reading

Thinking of reducing prices on your event services? You might want to think again!

In the course of marketing strategies, some small businesses may consider reducing prices or offering a discount as a sales incentive. Two critical questions come to mind. Will lowering the price drive enough sales to make up for the loss … Continue reading

Foundation building: Examining the essential elements of event excellence

What the guests see or experience when they attend a meeting – the tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces, speakers, band, AV, signage, etc. is the end result of months (or sometimes years) of work, as the stakeholders and meeting professionals have … Continue reading