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  • Seven hot decor ideas for your next event

    By Marla Brown In the event world, you are considered only as good as your last event. Staying fresh and current with your design ideas is a must to wow your clients time and time again. Whether you are faced with a large, medium or small decor budget, you can use the “30 second wow factor” to blow your clients away. We call it “the 30 second wow factor” because if your clients haven’t commented how great the space looks…

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  • Why you should keep your event branding simple

    So, what does the book or movie The Godfather have to do with your conferences and events? I want you to think totally outside of your normal realm for this article. I recently attended the PCMA Convening Leaders Conference in Boston, and a particular session struck a nerve with me: Beyond Best Practices…Explore Best Principles for Experiential Meeting, facilitated by Greg Bogue of Maritz Travel Company and Gary Schirmacher, CMP of Experient, A Maritz Travel Company. This was one of…

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  • Two creative ways you can improve your event’s swag bag

    The swag bag. Event attendees look for them. Sponsors look to be in them. It falls to event planners to sort them out. A well executed swag bag can improve attendees’ overall view of an event and increase their recall of the sponsors. According to a recent study conducted by the Promotional Products Association International, 76.3 per cent of tradeshow attendees had a favourable attitude towards a company that gave them a promotional product. But let’s face it; all swag…

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  • How to make the most of event branding opportunities

    By Ben Moorsom What “irks” you about event branding? If you’ve ever attended an event and been underwhelmed, then you can understand what ‘irks’ me about event branding – missed opportunities. There’s no excuse for missing opportunities to maximize your brand and create a robust, immersive and truly engaging event experience. And the worst thing is, the solutions that would take these events from ‘miss’ to ‘memorable’ are usually in the simplest of details. That’s where branding lives, in the…

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