How to help your event newbs: Tips for helping first-time attendees build relationships before an event

Most of us can relate to being the new person in some form or another. A first-time attendee, a new member, being the only staffer from your company attending an event, etc. awkwardly sipping your drink while you look around … Continue reading

Disruption happens: What are you doing about it?

For several years, there has been a theme of disruption. Meetings and events are being disrupted by technologies offering everyone access to new models for accommodation, transportation, meeting space booking, and transparent buying of a plethora of goods and services. … Continue reading

Digital meeting solutions: Four ways using technology can enhance your next meeting

By Alejandro Contreras The evolution of the internet and connectivity, along with the popularity of mobile and tablet devices, has altered the way individuals communicate, transact, and manage their lives. Digital-savvy individuals have come to expect the same level of … Continue reading