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  • Going mobile: Interact, engage and measure using mobile apps at meetings and events

    By Issa Jouaneh In recent years, we have seen the role of technology, particularly the impact of mobile apps and devices, transform people’s abilities to connect and communicate with one another. Over time, these technologies have proven to improve the traveler and attendee experience and enhance the way attendees and planners conduct business. In recognition of this shift, meeting planners have already started to implement mobile strategies which incorporate mobile technologies before, during and after meetings and events to engage…

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  • Three tips for a successful trade show or event

    By Geoff Martin In a marketing world dominated by technology and online engagement, trade shows still prove to be a successful marketing technique for most organizations. Nothing compares to being face-to-face with your target market and encouraging engagement with your brand. Planning a trade show exhibit or event display can be overwhelming, but keeping the following three tips in mind will not only help to simplify the process, but will also help ensure a successful event. 1. Plan ahead: Define…

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  • Engage your attendees by holding an island meeting in PEI

    Your organization is planning what promises to be the conference of the year. The venue is expected to boast all the latest technological and digital platforms, the guest speakers are ready to deliver game-changing speeches, and the white papers are still crisp and warm from the photocopier. Having taken all the necessary steps on your end towards staging a successful conference, how do you keep your participants engaged and interested, ensuring they retain all pertinent information? You create a memorable…

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