Business e-mail etiquette: 19 rules and helpful tips for online communications

Despite the growing prevalence of texting, instant messaging apps and social networks in the business world, e-mail remains one of the most popular high-tech ways for modern professionals to communicate. Although over 300 billion e-mails are estimated to be sent … Continue reading

A new sheriff in town: Canada’s anti-spam legislation, part two

When Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), Bill C-28, was passed in December 2010, almost no one took notice. Business groups such as the Canadian Marketing Association were still meeting with federal officials to see how the spirit of the law would be applied and regulated. Now that we are told the law should be effective in mid-2012, the challenge is to make sure your email marketing practices comply with the legislation. Continue reading

A new sheriff in town: Canada’s anti-spam legislation

There’s a new sheriff in town for anyone involved in email marketing in Canada. Its name is Bill C-28. It’s been setting up shop over the last year. Its main purpose is to enforce the email behaviour that will soon be expected of you. Continue reading