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  • In With the Old. In With the New.

    Saying Québec City has aged well would be an understatement. For four centuries and counting, the Québec capital has enjoyed a never-ending Renaissance that has made it one of Canada’s top cultural hotspots and a popular destination for tourists and event planners alike. “Québec City is so easy to sell,” says Fernand Gervais, Dean of the Faculty of Education at Université Laval, “It’s a promotional tool unto itself. It is a quintessential European city in the heart of North America.”…

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  • Québec City: Cultural hot spots for events

    Part of Québec City’s allure is there is always a cultural moment to experience. With a mix of art galleries, museums and European architecture dating back to the 1600s, visitors are enriched as they walk along the cobblestone streets to gaze at the massive stone ramparts and ornate French-style structures. Recently named the culture destination of the year at the Leading Culture Destinations Awards, supported by The New York Times, Québec City is a blend of old and new—preserving centuries of the past, while creating…

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