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  • GBAC Star Certification to Help with Reopening of Events Industry

    A new program will enable public venues of all sizes to create and maintain an effective cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention plan that could help with the safe resumption of face-to-face events and allay attendee concerns. Unveiled by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), a division of the worldwide cleaning industry association ISSA, GBAC Star establishes requirements to assist facilities with work practices, protocols, procedures and systems to control and minimize the risk associated with virulent agents like the strain…

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  • Canadian company Planner Protect to build better event contracts

    This week marked the official opening of Planner Protect, a Canadian firm that helps event planners, venues and event hosts negotiate fair contracts. Natural and economic changes over the last two decades have made business events riskier than ever for event planners. Natural disasters and extreme weather mean planners have to worry about cancelling or making frantic last-minute changes. Civil unrest, threats of terrorism and health warnings make it hard to ensure a city or site will be safe for…

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  • Three issues that will shape future prospects for convention centres

    For the past few years of economic uncertainty, business in many sectors was more about survival than growth. However, with something resembling a reasonably stable recovery beginning to emerge, thoughts can once again turn to where the best growth prospects are likely to be found. This is most certainly the case with both convention centres and their clients, because while the economy was going in circles there were profound changes taking place with the industry itself. What this means is…

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  • How convention centres and clients can work together for a better future

    Meetings, conventions and exhibitions are evolving constantly and rapidly these days, driven by a host of factors ranging from changing attendance and financial patterns to the more sophisticated communications and technology demands of a new generation of delegates. But in an ongoing soft economy, the big question is how to successfully adapt when financing may be in short supply – and the answer is as important to clients as it is to the convention centres themselves. While a decision to…

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  • Understanding the risks and perceptions of mass gatherings

    Over the past eight months I had the privilege, along with two of my post-graduate students (Jane Chevrier and Shawn Shapiro), the two colleagues listed to your right and two of Ginette Soulieres’ students (Rachel Thombs and Greg Watkinson), of working on a research project to determine:a) How the public perceives the risks of mass gatherings in Torontob) How those that work in the professions that produce the mass gatherings perceive the risks.

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  • Investing in convention centres

    Every once in a while we see indignant news items about why investment in a convention centre is in the worst possible interests of a particular city. Although they may be from anywhere, they have a remarkably consistent formula: They are generally initiated in reaction to some kind of announcement, reported by local media who can always use some controversy, and often supported by sage comments from critics whose existence depends on them reliably having something bad to say about these kinds of investments.

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  • Green with envy

    Canadian convention centers are winning top marks and major awards when it comes to adopting environmentally friendly initiatives. Taking the lead from Europe, meeting facilities have been green long before the recent wave of eco-consciousness hit the marketplace.

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