Canadian company Planner Protect to build better event contracts

This week marked the official opening of Planner Protect, a Canadian firm that helps event planners, venues and event hosts negotiate fair contracts. Natural and economic changes over the last two decades have made business events riskier than ever for … Continue reading

Convention centres provide diverse solutions for event planning needs

When it comes to highly efficient and effective meetings and event spaces, convention centres are a big deal. With the overall impact from the events held at Canada’s member convention centres exceeding $2 billion each year, there is little question that these gargantuan facilities hold major sway in the country’s meetings and events industry. Continue reading

Understanding the risks and perceptions of mass gatherings

Over the past eight months I had the privilege, along with two of my post-graduate students (Jane Chevrier and Shawn Shapiro), the two colleagues listed to your right and two of Ginette Soulieres’ students (Rachel Thombs and Greg Watkinson), of working on a research project to determine:a) How the public perceives the risks of mass gatherings in Torontob) How those that work in the professions that produce the mass gatherings perceive the risks. Continue reading

Investing in convention centres

Every once in a while we see indignant news items about why investment in a convention centre is in the worst possible interests of a particular city. Although they may be from anywhere, they have a remarkably consistent formula: They are generally initiated in reaction to some kind of announcement, reported by local media who can always use some controversy, and often supported by sage comments from critics whose existence depends on them reliably having something bad to say about these kinds of investments. Continue reading

Using a mobile app for events? How to promote it right!

As a speaker, I’m always thrilled to see that a conference or meeting is using a mobile app to connect with attendees and offer helpful event information. It can eliminate the need for promotional conference totes, folders and, most importantly, reams of paper. Score one for the planet! Continue reading

Canada’s convention centres are sustaining sustainability

Sustainability has become a huge issue in many areas these days and that is particularly true in the meetings industry. Here in Canada, there is not a single major convention centre that not only has an array of green operating practices in place but a selection of green meetings options available to clients who are organizing events in their facilities. Continue reading