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  • Five areas to watch for reducing risk in business event planning

    By Yma Sherry The meetings and events environment has undergone a lot of change in the past few years. More and more companies are rolling out managed meetings programs to enhance transparency, gain efficiencies and save money. But, as with any bustling business division, there are inherent risks lurking in meetings and events departments. These are risks that companies cannot afford to overlook. American Express Meetings & Events took a look at meeting planners’ current awareness and behaviours around these…

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  • Selecting the right mobile event app

    By Phil Rappoport The growth of mobile app usage for meetings and events continues to climb rapidly, and the tipping point might be occurring right now. The 2016 Event App Bible revealed that while 30 per cent of event professionals already incorporate mobile event apps, an additional 37 per cent said they planned to use event apps within the next year. Apprehension that existed three to five years ago is clearly giving way to acceptance. An oft-heard obstacle was the…

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  • Canadian company Planner Protect to build better event contracts

    This week marked the official opening of Planner Protect, a Canadian firm that helps event planners, venues and event hosts negotiate fair contracts. Natural and economic changes over the last two decades have made business events riskier than ever for event planners. Natural disasters and extreme weather mean planners have to worry about cancelling or making frantic last-minute changes. Civil unrest, threats of terrorism and health warnings make it hard to ensure a city or site will be safe for…

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  • Venue contracts: A meeting planners’ call to action

    I couldn’t believe my eyes! There, in an email, was the statement that put into words a sentiment that I’ve heard over and over again from meeting planners: “The way I have been brought up in this industry has always been to just reduce the rental and food and beverage minimums, add your concessions, sign and send.” This quote was written by an experienced meeting planner employed by a reputable Canadian organization – in response to an email dialogue we…

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  • Top four tips for negotiating your event venue contracts

    Venue contracts: Love, lust or run? TLC’s popular show Love, Lust or Run? is based on the premise of everyday people reacting to the featured guest in their preferred (albeit most often quite strange) outfit. People are asked to indicate if they would “love, lust or run” on the guest based on their appearance. I propose that if meeting planners’ reactions to reviewing venue contracts were to be gauged in the same “love, lust or run” approach, most planners’ first…

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