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  • How Contracts and Negotiations have Changed with COVID-19

    The events industry was among the first sectors hit by the pandemic and will be one of the last to recover, forcing many event professionals to cancel or postpone scheduled events. In the process, it has raised questions (and concern) around contracts and ensuing obligations. Here, Heather Reid, founder and CEO of Planner Protect, an Ontario-based contract review agency that negotiates event contracts for organizations and those hosting events, fields Corporate Meetings Network’s questions on this all-too important topic during…

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  • Venue contract wisdom is often woefully insufficient

    By Heather Reid A side-by-side examination of 12 signed and negotiated contracts for booking events into unconventional venues unveiled disturbing discrepancies to me. The “unconventional venue” contracts included the following Canadian locations: cultural centre, city-owned sport facility, entertainment complex, music hall, high-risk recreational facility, heritage facility, aquarium, brewery, two recreational/amusement facilities and museums in three different cities. A wide variety of unconventional venues for sure! Here are a few of the disturbing findings of my side-by-side review: Indemnification Clause: 6…

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  • Can event venues cancel your contract concessions?

    It feels great to negotiate concessions as part of an event contract. Concessions, by definition, are a contractual agreement where one party provides something of value to the other party in exchange for something else. In the case of the events and meetings industry, one typically sees concessions offered in a venue contract, in recognition of the event host choosing the venue to host its event. Venue contract concessions can be wide-ranging and are prioritized differently for each event. Examples…

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  • Is doing more with less in events possible?

    When one does a Google search of the text “doing more with less” it comes up with 55,400,000 results, and when one further refines it to “doing more with less in events” it shows 28,200,000 results! Staggering! With my Google findings in mind, combined with my own experiences with limited event budgets, I’m writing today to offer some creative and logical ways to keep your event’s expenses down, thereby “doing more with less.” It is my opinion – well-seasoned after…

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  • How to minimize your guestroom block attrition damages

    The meetings and events industry has seen a lot of changes over the past decade. As an event organizer, you will have witnessed an increased complexity in the hotel contracts you negotiate. You are now faced with the inclusion of minimum performance guarantees which come in the form of food and beverage minimums, sliding scales, cancellation policies and guestroom block attrition.

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