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  • Life sciences generate four conferences for Québec City

    The life sciences industry is booming in the Québec City area and features prominently in the economy. The city is an innovation hub brimming with expertise and development potential thanks to its key players, research centres, businesses, and investment. This vitality is also reflected in the growing number of Canadian, American, and international organizations in this field choosing Québec City and the Québec City Convention Centre for their events. Plus, more than 30 per cent of events held at the…

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  • Montreal brings chemistry to life science events

    Advances in medical technology drive need for more multidisciplinary events Last summer, hundreds of professionals headed to Montreal for the world’s first International Congress on Personalized Health Care. A crowd of researchers and academics, economists and ethicists gathered at the Palais des congrès de Montréal to address key issues and updates facing the health and medical technology field. “We are at the dawn of a new era of medicine that will redefine healthcare management,” said Congress President, Dr. Pavel Hamet,…

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  • Victoria, Saskatoon and St. John’s collaborate to boost conference tourism

    Cities in Sync is a landmark initiative to create an efficient tool for planners booking conferences and meetings in Canada Collaboration: two or more organizations working together to achieve shared goals. That’s the idea behind a landmark new initiative being launched today by tourism organizations in Victoria, B.C., Saskatoon, SK, and St. John’s, NL. Destination St. John’s, Tourism Saskatoon and Tourism Victoria are providing a simple and effective way for meeting planners to book their meetings and conferences. Cities in…

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  • Conferences as your brand promise

    I recently had a browse through the January issue of The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business and this article caught my eye: Canada’s Top 50 Brands by Steve Brearton. Brearton talks about your brand being the value of a promise that is consistently kept. Brearton breaks down his definition as follows: Value: What’s the actual dollar value of the company’s brand? Is this the old accounting ‘goodwill’ value of a company? To find out the mathematical value, read the…

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  • There’s a green app for that!

    By Joseph Lo Conferences and meetings can have significant carbon footprints. Power, ground transportation, air travel, paper and many aspects of an event can all contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Knowledge is the key towards sustainability and increased social responsibility. More and more meeting planners are recognizing the importance of planning a green event and want to do their part in helping the environment. Whether your goal is to decrease CO2 emissions, travel-related fuel consumption or paper usage, the following…

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  • Eight tips and tricks from three experienced corporate meeting planners

    All corporate meeting planners are constantly drowning in details, trying to get things together for the next meeting and worrying about the meeting after that one! Working “smarter” and not “harder” on their meetings, conferences, events and tradeshows is paramount to doing a great job. We gathered some of AMI’s Certified Meeting Planners together and asked them for some quick tips. Here is what they had to say.

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  • Four secrets to attracting top-notch leads at tradeshows and conferences

    Attracting people to a booth is usually not the problem. There are thousands of edible and visual enticing things to which people can be drawn. By attracting people who are looking for something free, you are not able to effectively identify, engage and nurture those high quality leads. These types of problems are all too familiar to event solutions companies who coordinate tradeshows, conventions and conferences.

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