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  • Striving for sustainability in events

    By Daniella Bustamante The concept of “sustainable” and “green” events is not new. Over the years, we have seen a shift towards making events more eco-friendly. This has been most noticeable with more hotels and convention centers coming up with detailed eco-friendly initiatives. With venues stepping up to the plate, planners and producers (myself included) need to do our part to prioritize sustainability. Overhauling an event to make it “green” is not an easy nor appealing feat, but even through…

    Event Operations, Green/Sustainable Meetings, Meeting Checklists

  • Finding the perfect event venue: A wish list

    By Daniella Bustamante Much like every painter needs a canvas, every event planner needs a venue. Thinking through the event needs and objectives is a solid starting point in your search for the right venue. What works for an 800 person conference won’t likely work for a 50 person social event. Though the “perfect” venue is different for each and every event, there are some key areas across the board to think about during the site selection process to ensure you…

    Event Operations, Meeting Checklists, Site Selection

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