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  • Unexpected added costs when planning an event

    At one point in every event planner’s career, there has been the situation of receiving a final invoice from a venue with added costs that were never included in the budget. This refers to power costs, internet costs, extra catering labour costs, and so on. This is especially problematic when a third party such as a DMC has given an inclusive price to the client and must absorb the extra costs or an in-house planner must go back to their…

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  • Get the speaker you want, even if you can’t afford them

    When the perfect speaker is just out of reach, it’s time to get creative I’ve been there a few times before – you know of the best and most perfectly suited speaker for your event, but the event budget can’t afford them. Those situations can be disappointing and, sometimes, the quality of the event will suffer. But, over the years, I’ve learned that a lack of money doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get the speaker you want; you just have…

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  • The impact of short lead times in meetings and event management

    By Maria da Cunha, CTC, CMP Organizations are often focused on short-term economic planning where commitments to a meeting or event are confirmed last minute, often within 30 days of the event date. The 2008 financial crisis was a major contributor to the short lead times applied to meetings and events when inventory was readily available throughout the meetings and events industry. Business operations have also changed or adjusted to different management strategies which have resulted in short lead times…

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  • Finding resourceful ways to stretch a small event budget

    Working with a frugal budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style and class As economies ebb and flow, budgets for events will shrink and grow as a reflection of the times. A small budget should not be the reason why an event fails — success depends on ingenuity, resourcefulness and a little flair. The first step is to know what you have to work with. Make sure you have a budget prepared and approved by the appropriate board of…

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  • Resourceful ways to stretch a small meetings budget

    Meeting planners don’t generally lack original ideas for how to wow attendees. It’s fun to daydream about having a limitless planning budget and all of the things we could do, from infamous speakers, to the highest quality of food and beverage, and holding events in the most breathtaking destination locations and venues. Now, back to reality. Many of us face small or shrinking meetings budgets, especially in the not-for-profit world. Here are a few ways that you can help stretch…

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  • Meetings Market Survey reveals resilience and optimism for 2017

    PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association)’s magazine, Convene, has published its 26th annual Meetings Market Survey and the results show that the industry is in robust health: budgets for meetings and attendance at conference and exhibitions are both increased on 2015 and 28 per cent of industry professionals expect to plan more meetings during 2017. Nearly 300 North American-based event professionals participated in the 2016 survey which took place in the months leading up to the U.S. Presidential Elections. It has…

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  • Exclusive business class travel between Toronto and Montreal

    Ufly offers luxury private aircrafts allowing frequent business travellers to avoid the hassle of city traffic Ufly, a new business class travel experience, has announced that it will sell exclusive flights between the Billy Bishop and Saint-Hubert airports from Monday to Friday, at a frequency of two round trips daily. Offering numerous advantages such as online bookings at a fixed rate, last minute boarding in addition to quick and easy access to aircrafts, Ufly and Pascan Aviation are every business traveller’s dream.…

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  • Tips for hiring the best keynote speaker for your next event

    Hiring the right keynote speaker for your corporate event or conference isn’t getting any easier. There seems to be more speakers than ever, on just about any topic. If you Google the term “keynote speaker,” there are over 19.2 million results. So what are some tips that will help you find the best possible speakers for your events? I asked a few of my colleagues at Speakers’ Spotlight who are dedicated to helping our clients do just this. Each of…

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  • Seven tips for doing more with less

    Managing budgets – developing, tracking, and sticking to them – is a fundamental skill for planners and suppliers alike. They don’t seem that hard to develop; after all, most of us have a template or checklist that includes a line item for each of the disparate elements of a meeting. After that, it’s pretty much arithmetic: 100 breakfasts at $22 equals $2,200 plus plus plus. Where’s the challenge in that?

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