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  • Air Canada welcomes new air services agreement between Canada and the U.K.

    Press Release Air Canada said today that it welcomes a new air services agreement reached between Canada and the U.K. to provide for the uninterrupted continuation of air transport services after the U.K. leaves the European Union post-Brexit. “The U.K. is Air Canada’s largest single international market. This agreement is important as it provides our airline, and the 2 million Air Canada customers we carry each year between the two countries, certainty that our operations will be uninterrupted by Brexit. We applaud…

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  • GBTA launches new podcast: The Business of Travel

    On March 7, the Global Business Travel Association, the voice of the global business travel industry, launched an all-new podcast called The Business of Travel. The podcast will consist of weekly episodes featuring several industry experts and thought leaders on a range of key issues affecting the business travel industry. In the coming months, The Business of Travel will cover business travel’s role in employee recruitment and retention, the business travel experience, travel friction, travel technology, aviation regulations, Brexit’s impact…

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  • United States projected to lose $1.3 billion in business travel-related expenditures in 2017

    First, there was Brexit. Next came the Trump Administration’s first travel ban, which cost the United States $185 million in business travel bookings in one week. It was followed by a second travel ban, which like the first, was halted by court orders. After that, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) barred passengers travelling from 10 airports in eight Middle Eastern and African countries from bringing laptops and other large electronics into the cabin as carry-ons. Hours later,…

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