Pre-event communication: Don’t let your event start at the door

By Ben Moorsom It’s time to get honest about your pre-event communication. Is it more than a “save-the-date” or “register here” email? Does it break through the day-to-day clutter attendees are subjected to? Does it plant the seeds of your … Continue reading

How to make the most of event branding opportunities

By Ben Moorsom What “irks” you about event branding? If you’ve ever attended an event and been underwhelmed, then you can understand what ‘irks’ me about event branding – missed opportunities. There’s no excuse for missing opportunities to maximize your … Continue reading

No logo, no problem! Saving your brand while saving money with non-imprinted promotional products and strategies

Sometimes you’re short on money. Or you’re short on time. And you’re seriously thinking about using blank promotional products and supplies for your upcoming event. But you’re worried that doing so will hurt your brand, something that you’ve invested heavily in building. Stop worrying! Continue reading