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  • Dos and don’ts for events geared toward young professionals

    Young professional events can be super tricky to plan, because of the wide range of individuals attending (often anywhere from 21 to 35), varying from junior, to mid, to sometimes even senior-level professionals. Considering that you’re probably marketing to both Baby Boomers and Generation X (if they’re controlling the budget for professional development and other events for their staff), and Generations Y and Z (yes, the first-born of this group are now 22!), it can be very challenging to make…

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  • Attracting Generation X – the forgotten generation of meeting attendees

    While Generation X makes up less of the workforce than Baby Boomers, and now Millennials, they still make up a considerable portion of your meeting attendees and organization/association demographic. We tend to hear less about this demographic and therefore plan less around them, but forgetting to target this “sandwiched” generation is a mistake! Why you should focus more of your efforts on attracting Generation X When it comes to your attendees, particularly if planning events for a professional association, Generation…

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  • Bridging the gap: Creating an event with multi-generational appeal

    By Kelly Furnish, Event Coordinator, Managing Matters Engaging a multi-generational audience is challenging for even the most experienced of planners. Today, attendees range from Baby Boomers to Gen Xers to Millennials, each with different values, attitudes and expectations of what makes a successful event experience. The need to bridge the gap between generational groups is greater than ever. So, how do we as event planners create an event with multi-generational appeal? Here are some of challenges you may face and…

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  • Succession planning for small organizations on a budget

    Whether you’re working for a small association or startup business, you may be facing some difficult choices (read: limitations) when it comes to financially investing in your organization’s future. However, succession planning is a critical component to any organization and should never go by the wayside. There are a number of ways to invest time and other resources into the sustainability of your organization. One thing to keep in mind as you read through this blog post is that many…

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