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    Six Top Tips for Quality Hybrid Events

      As we enter a new world of events, it’s safe to say that hybrid events are here for the long run and after a couple of unsettling years due to the pandemic, audience expectations are higher than ever. We have all seen the full potential of virtual events and their unique ability to engage global audiences. As we start to see pandemic restrictions lift, there is an increasing demand for events to maintain the benefits of both in-person and…

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    Leveraging Content Beyond your Virtual Event

    Good event content has always been valuable for attendees but it seems even more so with virtual events. A new poll by Eventsforce shows 70 per cent of organizers are spending extra time and money producing high-quality sessions and presentations in order to engage more effectively with people online. And this makes sense. The serendipity of networking at in-person events can’t be replicated in a virtual environment, so attendees will naturally focus on the learning aspect. But the benefits don’t…

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  • How to Drive Online Engagement with Gamification

    Virtual events aren’t a new concept but they have stepped into the limelight because of COVID, and it’s clear they’re here to stay. Grand View Research projects the virtual events market will increase 10-fold over the next decade, to be valued at $774 billion US. The most innovative event planners are already adapting and working to perfect this medium. Their goal, of course, is to ensure attendees are engaged and satisfied, especially from home. The Challenges of Going Virtual Online…

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  • Audience First: The biggest secret to a memorable presentation

    “OK, so, here’s what I want to talk about.” I meet with 75 or so presenters every year to help them craft talks, presentations, fireside chats and panels, and this is often the first set of words a speaker shares. This is a problem, and it’s big enough to derail your entire presentation. Many speakers think about presentations as moments of tell, as in, “I have something to tell the audience.” But the truth is, presentations are moments of sell.…

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  • Using the power of story to forge an emotional connection    

    By Ben Moorsom With the IMEX focus being on purposeful meetings this year, it was apparent, after attending many sessions and talking with all sorts of folks in our industry, that if we’re going to engage our audiences we must be really strategic with events and meetings. When we build experiences, we can better shape event design and flow in order to improve many areas of an event, including engagement, retention, restoration, understanding, energy and beyond. Neuroscience and psychology can play…

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  • Event technology trends 2016

    Preparing for the digital transformation By Richard Maranville and Wilson Tang There are no “take twos” in live events. We work in an industry in which perfection in execution is an absolute must. We are predisposed to keeping tried-and-true systems in place because they have worked for years and, in several cases, decades. So why fix what isn’t broken? The challenge now is that demographics are changing. Recently becoming the largest demographic group in the Canadian workforce, Millennials – a.k.a.…

    Event Operations, Social Media & Technology

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