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  • Can hotels cancel your concessions? Well, it’s complicated

    Hotel will provide the following concessions if at least 90 per cent of the minimum guestroom revenue is received and at least 100 per cent of the minimum food and beverage revenue is received… Concessions are benefits or value-added services that venues offer in exchange for the event host’s business and fulfilment of their contractual requirements. For event hosts, it feels great to negotiate potentially lucrative concessions as part of an event contract. Complimentary staff rooms, free wi-fi, discount parking…

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  • Canadian company Planner Protect to build better event contracts

    This week marked the official opening of Planner Protect, a Canadian firm that helps event planners, venues and event hosts negotiate fair contracts. Natural and economic changes over the last two decades have made business events riskier than ever for event planners. Natural disasters and extreme weather mean planners have to worry about cancelling or making frantic last-minute changes. Civil unrest, threats of terrorism and health warnings make it hard to ensure a city or site will be safe for…

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